What is the difference between a monitoring alarm system and a local alarm system?

A monitored alarm system uses sensors and control electronics at your home or business to automatically communicate alarm events to a central monitoring facility (Central Station).

The Central Station automatically receives coded information from your system which is recorded in our computer systems. The signals are then analyzed by trained operators who notify police, fire, or medical authorities to respond to the situation.

A local alarm system does not communicate alarm events to anyone; the system just sounds on-site.

How much does an alarm system cost?

The cost of a security system depends upon your individual needs. Our sales representatives are trained to work with you in identifying the most cost-effective system to meet your needs.

Do I get a discount on my insurance if I have a security system?

Most insurance companies give significant discounts for monitored alarm systems. You should always contact your agent for specific details.

Do I have to have a land line for monitoring?

No, the security industry provides several options. Premier uses cellular monitoring removing the need for a landline.

What happens if my power goes out?

All Premier systems have a backup battery that should run your system for a period of time in the event commercial power fails.

If you choose, we can configure your system to automatically send a Power Fail signal to our Central Station which will be recorded in your alarm history. If you choose, we can then notify you via telephone, text or email when this happens. This is especially useful if you have a large food freezer, medical equipment, or special pets (tropical birds, fish, etc.).