Access Control

Premier’s Access Control Systems can provide access control for your business at affordable rates with fast turnaround service. Our expert team will work diligently with little or no disturbance to the flow of business.

Premier will custom-design an access control system that fits into the way you do business. Your business will be secure, safe and easy to operate, incorporating any type of access device.

Contact Premier today for a free Access Control consultation.  Sleep easier and maintain control over your property with a custom designed Access Control system for your business that’s right for you.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks – sometimes called “digital” or “magnetic” locks are a vital part of any access control system. Today, a variety of access control systems are utilized with electronic locks, including keypads, card readers, fingerprint readers, and RFID tags and sensors.

Electronic locks come in a variety of layouts and configurations. Premier offers expertise in all types of electronic lock systems. 

Remote Monitoring

Smart electronic locks connect to a control panel via a wired or wireless connection. This allows the entire system to be monitored from a central station or an online dashboard.

Remote Activation

Smart locks can be controlled via the web or a central station on-site. This enables convenient access control for an entire property.


A whole-building lock system can be programmed, i.e. doors locked after service hours. Lockdowns can also be performed from a central location.

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