Have you heard about the 3G Sunset?
All carriers will fully stop supporting 3G/4G devices by the end of 2022. Read more
Whole Home Protection Delivers Peace of Mind
Our dedicated team of technicians are manufacturer trained and certified.
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Your Family's Security Has Never Been So Important
Protecting your family means more today than ever. Our expertise can make the difference.
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Asset Protection is Critical to Business Success
Without the proper protection each day your assets are at risk.
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We are proud to be a Resideo Premier Dealer

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We pride ourselves in providing the latest technology and high quality service with the personal ized attention to detail that only a seasoned, trusted, local professional can provide. All of our work is specifically tailored for each client’s individual requirements. Customer satisfaction is key to our relationship with our customers, and we strive to exceed their expectations. We value and appreciate our clients from the very first sales appointment, through design and installation, but it doesn’t stop there! Any and all future calls are responded to promptly and courteously as we remain available on a 24-hour basis to assist in whatever need may arise.

As life-long residents of the Jersey Shore, Premier Electronic Solutions is committed to serving all communities affected in a fair and respectful manner, and are honored to be a part of the restoration and revitalization of the communities we call home.

Premier Electronic Solutions provides both residential and commercial customers with a wide range of services as detailed in our website.

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Professional Services

Security Alarms

Today, security alarms come with many different options. Our expertise can help to choose the right system for your home or business.

Security Alarm Solutions

Find out more about our professional security alarm solutions.



Fire Alarms

Protecting your family and home from the event of a fire is important enough to have an expert deliver your solution. Our professional team will keep you safe.

Fire Alarm Solutions

Find out more about our professional fire alarm solutions.



Temperature Sensors

To maximize energy savings and comfort control, water and temperature detectors keep homeowners connected to help protect against major water damage.

Temperature Sensor Solutions

Find out more about our professional temperature sensor solutions.
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Water Sensors

Help reduce the risk by having Premier install detectors that can also detect temperatures that could freeze pipes and humidity that could damage valuables.

Water Sensor Solutions

Find out more about our professional water sensor solutions.
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Let the experts at Premier provide you with the security cameras installation you need to keep everything you hold dear safe and sound.

Surveillance Solutions

Find out more about our professional surveillance solutions.



Home Automation

Premier’s home automation systems can control all aspects of your home security, automate your entire home.

Home Automation Solutions

Find out more about our professional home automation solutions.
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Premier provides a diverse array of small and large businesses with all their cable and wiring services. From project inception through completion, Premier will provide design, installation and support the best combination of options and the best pricing.

Wifi / Networking Solutions

Find out more about our professional wifi and networking solutions.



TV Installation

Choosing the right professionals to install/mount your TV means choosing experienced, licensed, and highly skilled technicians.

TV Installation Solutions

Find out more about our professional TV installation solutions.
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